Could CBD in conjunction with Vitamin D be the boost your immune system needs?

There is no denying that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc worldwide as it spreads rapidly from person to person and country to country. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t been able to discover a cure for COVID-19, but there are several vaccine programs that are being rolled out in different countries. 

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has left many people looking for natural ways to boost their health and wellness to prevent them from catching the deadly virus. Unfortunately, we don’t have any cures or ways to prevent it, but boosting your overall health and wellness is a great place to start. 

There’s nothing new about vitamin D. Millions of people worldwide have been taking it for years as part of their overall health and wellness routines. So, what’s the big deal about vitamin D and CBD? Could they be the ultimate combination or just another fad? In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at both vitamin D and CBD and why so many people are adding both compounds into their daily health and wellness routines. 

What Is CBD and What Does It Do? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be found in both hemp and marijuana plants. THC and CBD can be found in the resin of both plants, but hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana is high in THC and low in CBD. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychotropic and won’t get you ‘high’ in any way. 

CBD is a natural compound that is extracted from either hemp or cannabis. There are various types of CBD, including CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. As the name suggests, CBD isolate is pure CBD with all other compounds, including THC, stripped away during the manufacturing process. Full-spectrum CBD products contain essential oils, plant material, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC.

CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Scientists believe that the ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis throughout the central nervous system and immune system. The ECS is made up of a series of receptors that are spread throughout the body. It’s because of these receptors and the way they are spread out that CBD can be used in various delivery methods, including oils, tinctures, vape liquids, lotions, and edibles. 

What Is Vitamin D and What Does It Do? 

Vitamin D is one of the most commonly taken vitamins in the world. You may even know that by being outside in the sunshine, you can boost your vitamin D levels. One of the biggest problems with vitamin D is that, unlike other vitamins, it isn’t present in many fruits or vegetables. You’ll only find significant levels of vitamin D in oily fish, egg yolks, liver, and red meat.

The recommendations from the US Institute of Medicine suggest that an average daily intake of 400–800 IU, or 10–20 micrograms, is adequate for 97.5% of individuals. 

One of vitamin D’s biggest jobs is to regulate the body’s levels of calcium, helping to maintain strong bones and teeth. Other studies have shown that vitamin D could also have mood-boosting effects, while some studies have shown us that vitamin D has the potential to help with weight loss. 

Why Does CBD and Vitamin D Go Together So Well? 

We’re still in the incredibly early days of CBD research, but so far, many of the findings of vitamins D’s benefits match up with those of CBD. However, we have to point out that the research into CBD is only in its preliminary stages. We have decades of lost time that we need to catch up on before we can make any definitive claims about CBD. 

Many people believe that the synergistic relationship between CBD and vitamin D could boost both compounds’ effectiveness, much like the entourage effect with cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Vitamin D and CBD for COVID-19 – Conclusion 

Every little bit you do to improve health and wellness is going to be better for you. Unfortunately, we don’t have any definitive evidence that either CBD or vitamin D could help prevent you from catching COVID-19. Always speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any CBD products, and if you believe you may have COVID-19 seek immediate medical assistance. 

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