I initially looked into Pro Extract purely because of its branding! I am a sucker for packaging and wanted to know what was in it! In speaking to Billy & Michelle, I came away feeling quite educated in CBD – they really know their product and broke it down so simply for me… 

I’ve been amazed at how I feel, and here is my attempt at a breakdown/background to my experience, because people need to know about this!

Kylie the Insomniac

The wild child that would run on empty in fear of missing out pretty much sums me up as a young adult. I would be out socially for nights/weeks on the trot until I crashed. I’d have a good 15-hour sleep and then repeat. Great fun when you’re 20, but it’s been a behaviour I’ve struggled with in later life. Not to mention the tiredness that came with not sleeping whilst also having a breastfed baby (and now an equally wild 3-year-old…)

(Mild) Panic Attacks

For someone that is mega chilled, rarely annoyed or riled up, I found in recent years I have anxiety. For example, I found myself dumping luggage in the London Underground unable to wait for the lift and climb all the emergency exit stairs to get out, gasping for air. I once ran back from a dog walk in a mad panic checking (and scaring) all the kids’ rooms as I was suddenly overcome with panic that someone was in the house – all totally irrational, though very real at the time. I knew I had an issue that needed to be dealt with so took St John’s Wort (which I now believe is how I have a 3-year-old daughter! Always check contraception advice!!)

Arthritis in Fingers

I always knew I’d get it due to my work… but never in a million years did I think it would be this painful at 37. I currently am without all my diamonds and have a copper bracelet as a replacement ????. The heat makes them swell. The cold makes them sore, ibuprofen in large quantities upsets my stomach and compression gloves are restricting.


After just 3 weeks, my mind has never felt so clear! I feel driven, focused, and energetic – possibly from all the uninterrupted SLEEP I am getting! I’m chilled, I’m happy, and most importantly, I’m almost pain-free! My gloves are off and my left-hand feels 100% normal. My right hand is easily 80/90% there too! I used to yelp at my daughter pulling my fingers doing the ‘mummy, come see’ and now, I rarely notice there is anything wrong… though I’m not (yet) wearing it, I can get my ring back on. It’s not just the pain relief, but the swelling has reduced too…

I want to share this, obviously because I am so grateful to the ProExtract team, but because I was just accepting my pain. ‘It is what it is, just gotta crack on Ky’ – no, I don’t! This is hands down, the best result I’ve ever personally experienced.

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