Hi, I’m Lenita, a Recruitment Consultant and happy mum of two young children and two crazy dogs.

I think most parents can related to stress, fatigue, anxiety and a whole bag of rollercoaster emotions. CBD has helped me manage most of those issues at some point in lockdown.

A broken washing machine, a kid (or kids) being sick, forgetting to do some basic everyday task, going shopping, going online shopping has all provided some level of stress. Having two wonderful kids is a blessing and being a mum is the best thing I’ll ever do. But Covid has made it challenging.

We are all guilty of putting our wellbeing last, the gym (or pub) used to be the outlets for some for decompression and stress relief. Along with some of my fellow mum friends we have lost even going to the park with kids for a Costa and Yum Yum. I used CBD every day and feel calmer and more focused. I would recommend anyone to give this a go.

I use the Pure range 1200mg of distillate 3 times a day, and benefit from a good night’s sleep without that zombie feeling the following day, I feel focussed and less anxious about what the day or week will throw at me.

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