So, what is CBD?

You’ve no doubt heard about the many uses and health claims associated with CBD, from acne to weight loss. Let’s take a look at what CBD oil actually is, whether it’s safe and why you could benefit from taking it.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. An investigation by the World Health Organisation found that CBD (in isolation from other compounds found in cannabis) was not harmful: it was not addictive, intoxicant or psychoactive and had, in their words, ‘no potential for abuse’. This means you can take CBD safe in the knowledge that your judgement will not be impaired or affected.

Cannabidiol acts on the endo-cannabinoid system

Only discovered in the 1990s, the endocannabinoid system refers to a collection of receptors found in the central and peripheral nervous system. Scientists are still uncovering the full workings of this amazing network in our bodies, but they do know that it helps regulate all of our body systems: mood, appetite, sleep, gut health, reproduction and so on. Depending on where and how they are they stimulated, our endocannabinoid receptors can produce different effects throughout the body. Sometimes anti-inflammatory, other times sedative or stimulating. Taking CBD to relieve pain in an aching joint, for example, may stimulate local endo-cannabinoid receptors to help relieve inflammation.

CBD is legally safe to take

However, the hemp strain it’s derived from must be EU-approved or come from outside the EU and have less than 0.2% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol: the psychoactive cannabinoid), and less than 1mg THC per dose. It’s vital you buy from a reputable source and always ask for a Certificate of Analysis, to be sure of the product’s purity. (All Pro Extract Co. products contain less than 0.1% THC and you can view your Certificate of Analysis any time by dropping us an email.)

As to side effects, studies are ongoing. Research undertaken so far suggests CBD is largely

well tolerated by the human body, which means it has few side effects, they’re low in intensity and suffered by relatively few who take the supplement. Some of the side effects found include dry mouth and reduced appetite. We recommend you start low and slow, building up your tolerance to reduce any potential side effects.

How will CBD help me?

Now for the exciting part: CBD is proving to be beneficial in such an enormous array of conditions and problems. Each day seems to yield new research, building upon the basic facts we know. For example, CBD has been shown to induce relaxation and sleep. CBD oil relaxes and calms, making it a popular choice for those experiencing anxiety and stress.  And, given that over 40% of sleep issues are to do with difficulty in dropping off, it’s no surprise that CBD oil is the go-to product for many as they head for bed. CBD oil is also often used as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory – helping with everything from post work-out pain to stiff muscles from sitting too long, or even due to cold weather. It can be really useful in cases of fibromyalgia and arthritis, or in healing after an injury.

Speaking of which, researchers have found that CBD can help heal bone fractures and improve bone quality. A study by scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Institute of Biomechanics in Switzerland found that CBD significantly enhanced fracture healing and promotes the bone-producing protein collagen.

Another fascinating area of study is into the effects of CBD on dementia. Recently researchers from The Universitat de Barcelona and the Carlos III Health Institute in Spain found that cannabis-based medicine helped reduce memory impairments in mice with late-stage Alzheimer’s. 

There are many other potential applications, including asthma, autism, diabetes and multiple sclerosis to name but a few. We will keep you updated with any breakthroughs, as they happen.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to introduce CBD into your wellness routine, 

we recommend a pure product with a relatively high CBD concentration such as our 1200mg natural distillate. We advise that you take this twice daily, at the start and end of the day, beginning with half the recommended dosage and working upwards.

Any questions? We’re here to help. Just post in the comments section below!

Thanks, Billy

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